Press Bar and Parlor

Your one-stop destination for fun and food

You deserve to have fun! How about some great food and drinks with amazing music to go along? You'll be in for a treat when you choose The Press Bar & Parlor — your local entertainment destination!


What's more, you don't have to go too far for your fun and food surprise! Find out what we've got in store for you at 502 W Saint Germain Street.

Food and drinks to pamper your taste buds

Give your taste buds a treat with our food and drink specials without burning a hole in your pocket. See what surprise we have for you in our menu!

Dance, DJ, and games — only for you!

Pampered your taste buds? Now how about indulging in pure entertainment? Get on to our dance floor and let your body move to our in-house DJ's awesome music.

Barbeque and beer DJ playing the disk-jokey